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How is dry carpet cleaning different to the traditional method?

Our dry carpet cleaning method is different because we do not use water.

By using one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market we are able to extract up to 85% of dirt, dust and allergens from your carpet whilst at the same time rejuvenating the carpet pile, bringing your floor back to life. Dry carpet cleaning uses a soft, natural product consisting of thousands of absorbent sponges. These sponges are moistened with a cleaning solution, which is Pet and Child friendly.

The SPONGES are then pushed to the bottom of the carpet pile by counter rotating brushes the Dirty Sponges are then pulled back up into the machine and taken away leaving your carpets clean and fresh. Spots and Spills Gone!

As the moisture is contained within the sponge there is no chance of soggy wet carpets, shrinkage or bad odours

We don’t use strong detergents or chemicals which leaves a sticky residue behind allowing dirt to stick to the carpets in the future , which is where the saying comes from “ Since I have had my carpets cleaned , I have noticed my carpets getting dirtier much quicker than before they was cleaned”

You can walk on the carpets straight away after they have been cleaned, as they are Dry and ready to walk on.

If you are a business, dry cleaning carpets means hardly any downtime in the workplace, saving you money.

If you require an end-of-tenancy clean or have a Hotel, Bed and breakfast that needs carpets cleaned our Dry carpet cleaning will make a quick turnaround of the room for the next guest.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners – get 50% off additional rooms!

That’s half price for every additional room after having your main room cleaned

What is it that makes us stand apart from the rest?

Traditional carpet cleaning uses water and detergent to clean your carpet and then uses extractors to pull the water back out. Unfortunately, however hard the operator works there is still some moisture left behind. This can leave you with wet carpets that take quite a while to dry and it may entail having to leave windows open for hours on end or the need to turn your heating up to aid the drying process and dispel that wet dog smell. Not to mention getting soggy socks if you step on a newly cleaned patch of carpet.

As trusted professional carpet cleaners in Kent, Surrey, & Sussex, we can assure you that you will not get any of these issues with us. This is what makes us stand out from the res

Seven top reasons to call Rockport Cleaning today:

  • Highly recommended carpet cleaning services in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey (See areas covered below)
  • A free quote, in person, face-to-face – no hyped-up deals over the phone
  • Genuine advice – we will not undertake a job if we know we cannot make a difference
  • Courteous, friendly, and highly experienced operatives
  • Green Seal approved products – with rigorous performance, health, and sustainability criteria.
  • Immediate use of floor, no down time
  • Endorsed by leading carpet manufacturers

Typical comments that you will have heard about wet cleaning processes are:

  • There is a smell of wet dogs left behind
  • My carpet has shrunk
  • The carpet looked good for a while but quickly got soiled again

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